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Shannon Robnett, CEO of Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI), actively posts to a YouTube channel to explore the world of real estate investment and how our financial futures are affected by the choices we make. Shannon Robnett Industries is a boutique firm for real estate syndication in Boise, Idaho, and has more than 25 years of experience as a land developer in the Treasure Valley.
Our “Real Estate Rundown” videos cover many topics beyond typical investor information videos. We talk on a weekly basis about how our small decisions influence big outcomes in our lives. We regularly interview favorite financial figures to talk about their stories and how they came to the decisions they did which impacted their fiscal decisions. We often assess how a secure monetary horizon can bring peace in so many other aspects of our lives.

Our  YouTube Videos

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In addition to a YouTube channel, Shannon Robnett Industries is active on:

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A home base for all things SRI, including an  e-calendar to  book discussions about ground up real estate syndication.
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Robnett’s Real Estate Rundow: An audio version of many of our YouTube videos. Ideal to listen to in your car or otherwise on-the-go.
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Shannon Robnett Industries’ Blog: A broader take on our approach to business. We write about topics like communication in business and how opportunities & partnerships make our investment deals better.

and take advantage of the wide range of experience Shannon Robnett Industries brings to the table. Our professional passion exceeds that of most property development companies and extends to our clients’ wellbeing and we tackle these concerns candidly in our video series.
If you’d like to contact SRI directly for financial advice regarding multi-family, commercial real estate syndication, contact us or call 208-405-6176 today. We’re excited to answer any questions you have about economic growth in the Boise area.
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